Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is a green wave coming? AKA "What's all the hub bub, bub?"

I've written about green toys before here and here, and certainly with all the recalls last year and the awareness of lead paint, there's been a new crop of toys coming out that, at the least, stress their safety and, at most, have gone above and beyond by making their toys from recycled material and natural finishes. But, is it a trend? Is it backlash against the safety issues from last year. OR will people demand safer toys until they see the pricetag on something completely safe then sneak back to Walmart to buy their $6.72 Barbie and figure "eh, I ate toy paint when I was a kid and feel OK?"

Consider the lastest in all natural toys. The Swedish company Playsam has introduced their latest to their line of 'executive toys,' the 'miljöbil' (above) - a 'green' wooden toy car that will set you back $50. If you're not aware of Playsam's products, they are absolutely gorgeous wooden toys made in Sweden and aimed squarely at the adult market. I've always had a dilemma about this kind of stuff. It looks cool, but will people really part with $50 for a wooden toy car?

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