Friday, February 15, 2008

Toy Fair-A-Palooza!

Toy Fair officially starts on Sunday. I'm headed up Sunday morning to check out the piles and piles of toys that someone will try to convince me are not chock full of lead or PVC or some other toxic cocktail of danger. Should be swell. I can see it now, "hey, this red looks awfully red, are you sure there's not lead in it?"

We're headed to the official ASTRA Party with the Stars event on Sunday night at FAO Schwartz, what used to be the greatest toy store in the world (until some ultra high brows took it over and made it the most expensive toy store in the world). Then, Monday night is our annual attempt to broadcast live at Toy Fair from the YoYoNation reception at PS450. We've attempted to broadcast live via each of the last two years and have been foiled each time. Things don't look too promising this year as my official YoYoRadio laptop was at the shop and only got back today in worse shape than it went in. Nevertheless, we'll tape the show and broadcast it when we get back if we can't do it live.

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