Friday, February 1, 2008


I just got the new Insect Lore catalog yesterday, and one of their new items for this year is the "Earthworm Nursery." Insect Lore makes the really cool Butterfly Garden we sell each year, so I'm sure it's a good quality item. You raise the earthworms from Earthworm cocoons (who knew?) and once they grow up, you can release them into your yard! You get certificate good for 15-20 Earthworm cocoons and the growth soil. It should retail for around $25.
Check out this really cool webpage, which is for Advanced Prarie - the company that provides the cocoons for Insect Lore. It has everything you ever wanted to know (even if you didn't know you did) about their patented technique to reintroduce earthworms into farm fields during the planting process.

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