Thursday, February 21, 2008

Worst. Toys. Ever. #1

The final day of me shamelessly stealing from another website for a list of the 12 worst toys ever. To reveal my source of shameless plagiarism, it's Radar Magazine - a funky magazine about "pop, politics, scandal and style." Check em out!

And the worst. Toy. Ever? Why, something we've already talked about. Ladies and gentlemen, for the bizzilionth time ever, it's Aqua Dots.


Beloved children's toys of old have oft allowed youngsters to ape questionable adult behavior. (See candy cigarettes and those lovably trampy Bratz dolls) but the most recent addition to pantheon of dangerous toys—Aqua Dots from the Spin Master corporation—took it to the next level. The beads were part of a craft kit that was intended to let children created "multidimensional designs." But when water was added to the plastic balls, the outside coating actually became toxic. The result: Curious tykes who licked the balls enjoyed the effects of date-rape drug GHB, long before their college years. Sure, it sounds cool. But victims of Aqua Dots could become "comatose, develop respiratory depression, or have seizures." The toxic dots, which were labeled as appropriate for kids ages 4 and up, were recalled earlier this month, halting many untoward games of "doctor," but robbing a generation of young artisans the chemical enhancement they so richly deserve.

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