Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worst Toy at Toy Fair

Last year, I decided that the over hyped Rubik's Revolution was the worst toy at Toy Fair. Keep in mind, it's impossible to see everything at this gargantuan event - so, undoubtedly there were worse toys hidden somewhere in The Javits Center.
This year, however, I have absolutely no doubt I saw the worst toy at Toy Fair. There was one booth, in the downstairs area that featured this goodie. The Carmen Electra Professional Pole kit. It's a pole dancing kit. At Toy Fair. Which isn't THAT kind of Toy Fair, it's a trade show intended for buyers of toys to sell to kids. SO, unless I'm sorely mistaken, someone was thinking this was a good choice of an item for toy stores to stock. As the immortal Chris Rock said about being the father of a girl, his job was simply to "keep his daughter 'off the pole.'" Yet, here is someone who is, apparently, marketing them specifically for kids. Yikes! Now, in fairness, I didn't stop at the booth, and I didn't talk to the people there, so I have no idea why this item was there, but it was there. So, it wins my prize this year for the "Worst Toy at Toy Fair."

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Funky Monkey Toys said...

hi Joe

I also walked by that booth...wondering what the???? I was stopped by a man pushing the game "SCUM" at a booth near the Carmen Electra pole...made me think I was at the wrong show! Yikes! Somehow I think my small town parents wouldnt approve of these!